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The curtain rises on the new 2023/24 season at the Bavarian State Opera. A place that "creates an image of the most beautiful and the most terrible", a place that "can reach us in the darkness of the auditorium and take us where words have nothing more to say". There is no better way to describe the great world and spirit of opera than Professor Noltze. Artistic director Serge Dorny wants to consciously challenge the audience in a demanding way - in this sense we are excited about the new season with seven premieres in the beautiful, time-honoured National Theatre.

But not only the State Opera, but also the "northernmost city in Italy" itself makes "bella figura" in autumn and winter.
In addition to the musical treasures, discover the many sights of the Bavarian capital and let yourself be inspired and surprised by its rich history, its many exciting museums, the parks and gardens and its special atmosphere.